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Getting Started with Vue.js: A Beginner’s Guide

Introduction to Vue.js 3 Vue.js 3 represents a significant evolution in the Vue.js ecosystem, bringing with it a host of improvements and new features aimed at making frontend development more efficient and enjoyable. In this section, we’ll delve into what Vue.js 3 is all about, its key features, and why it’s gaining traction among developers. […]


Create WordPress admin account via SQL command

There might be a time where you might bee locked out of your admin account because you either forgot the password and and reseting the is not an option because you no longer have access to that email. Or the website has been hacked and you have to create an admin account. The only option […]


Gridsome Source Plugin for API

 Just created a plugin for Gridsome, a source plugin to retrieve posts from using API.You are able to find the plugin on the NPM registry here What is Gridsome Ok, hold on a second! What is Gridsome? Glad you asked! Gridsome is a static site generator similar to Gatsby (though still new so not as […]


How to create and publish NPM Packages

Join me on an exciting journey where I delve into the intricate process of creating and publishing NPM packages, unraveling the nuances of the Node Package Manager. We’ll start by setting up NodeJS and initiating our project, building a robust “pawnhub” CLI app that taps into the API, enabling email breach checks. From handling arguments to making our app executable and integrating Axios for seamless HTTP requests, I’ll walk you through each step. Together, we’ll authenticate, publish our package, and test its capabilities, encouraging exploration and improvement. Embrace this tutorial, and let’s dive into the world of NPM package development, sharing our innovations and making strides in the vast landscape of package creation. 🌟📦 #NPM #PackageDevelopment


Web Development Environment using Devilbox

I’ve always been using WAMP as my local dev environment for a quite amount of time while i was using Windows OS, then I switched to Mac OS and used MAMP for a while. That was the case until one of my colleagues recommended devilbox. I gave it a try, and since then I’ve been […]


VueJS questions

Hey all, I created VueJS questions for common VueJS questions. It is a side project while i started learning UIKIT frontend framework and improving my skills on web performance and SEO. At the moment it is fetching the questions from stackoverflow. Any feedback will be appreciated negative or positive.


WordPress Database replacing the easy way

I published an NPM package a small cli tool which does the exporting and replacing the URL for a WordPress website piece of cake. You can export and replace within 10 seconds (depending the size of the database and how fast you type). I started this as a project for personal use, but decided to […]